Love and the corporation

28 years ago I travelled with a backpack in the north-east of Thailand, staying in guesthouses and visiting towns and small villages. It was an amazing experience. I fell in love with the people, who sought to live their lives with dignity and joy whilst struggling to survive in a poor and very dry region. Read more about Love and the corporation[…]

Psychological safety makes for a good team

There’s an interesting recent article in the New York Times here about Google’s search for the perfect team. After a lot of research, they ended up focusing on “psychological safety” – the notion that in the most effective teams, people can say what they think or feel without fear or criticism or attack. “We must Read more about Psychological safety makes for a good team[…]

Men in charge – diversity (or lack of it) in the boardroom

I had to laugh. A letter was published some time ago in the Independent newspaper on the subject of the lack of women at board level in companies. Here’s an extract: ‘…I suspect that there might just not be the numbers and, at times, the talent available within the female pool …To be a successful Read more about Men in charge – diversity (or lack of it) in the boardroom[…]

Who needs advice?

A couple of years ago a friend of mine challenged me with the following question: “You talk about good governance of large businesses. Have you applied it to your own business?” The answer was I hadn’t. I’m a sole trader and I didn’t think about governing myself. Yet the more I thought about it, the Read more about Who needs advice?[…]

How John Lewis governs itself

Over the last decade I have built up a wide variety of resources relating to the organisation and governance of business. In the coming months I will be sharing the best of these on this site. In this post, I share the notes from a conversation I had in 2012 with Stephen May. He was Read more about How John Lewis governs itself[…]